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04-17-2013, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Your posts have been superb on this topic. "Youth focused, and hero focused." Brilliant.

I have one consistent position: The last two games were a disaster regarding the playoffs. They have changed everything.

I hold Price partly responsible for that, and I should.

But now we must move on.

We must do everything we can to win the division, including playing Budaj our last 6 games if required.

Price can sit and prepare for the onslaught in the PO. And I have faith in him. But we cannot **** around any more.

The last two, yes two, winnable games, may have just negated Habs advantage won by playing superb hockey for 40 games.

I am massively pissed off by that.

Not one other guy except you has got this on these boards. Not ****ing one guy. Unbelievable.
Price lost the game against the Leafs.... no doubt about it. Philly was an entire team breakdown with three breakaways that I saw along with numerous defensive breakdowns... Price had to be amazing for us to come out of the 1st down 2-1.

Yeah, he's hit bad times but it's silly to suggest having Budaj take over. It's been two bad games, you've got to have more faith in Price than that. I understand us sitting him against Pittsburgh but to bench him? Doesn't make sense.

Budaj is the backup for a reason. He's been great this year and that's a luxury we should all be happy to have. If Price goes down in the playoffs... so be it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves... He's been mostly solid this year. When he's been bad he's stunk but he certainly doesn't need replacing.

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