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04-17-2013, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Yeah, this scares me.

And to be honest, the one I am the most dissapointed in -- and I am speculating here as regards the responsibilities of the two -- is Mike Sullivan.

Scotty Bowman was on top of things in Detroit, for sure, but Barry Smith definitely had a huge responsibility for the Xs and Os. Smith had coached in Sweden during the 80's and picked up alot of knowledge of a more organized approch to the defensive side of the game (Europe were a little ahead of the NHL here).

Its like with Slats. I just think he has lost any and all fingertop-gefuhl he ever had for the modern game. But he can undoubtedly work the phones. Probably as good as anyone in the game. We know that he got a precense in any room with his peers. If you have a guy behind him pointing him in the right direction (which I think we had with Maloney) he could be as good as any GM in the league. If not, he could be a nightmare.

I definitely think Torts with an X and O guy that ensures that we adopt to the game 2013 could be an excellent fit in NY. But no matter what, I am very troubled by how we look on the ice right now. And no matter how many pts we got last season, the writing has been on the wall for a long time if you look at our two prior seasons to last year and how we looked against certain teams last season (against NJD for example, against Was in the PO's prior to that where we struggled to get 3 shots on net per period) and so forth. When you look at how we actually looked last season (complete nightmare early in the season, then better and better and actually good christmas plus minus 2-3 weeks, and then subpar again towards the end of the year). Hank was just amazing.

In the end, our coaching-staff just must do a better job. To be honest, we play teams with great flaws and emergency solutions all over the place, and we look like ****. There is no way you can explain that by pointing at individual players. If Torts has to go to fix it, so be it. Maybe the best solution however would be to bring in someone who can fix the Xs and Os. Get a smother transition. Because if you brought in any coach from even like the top 5 teams in the league, youd have to put them on suicide watch after them seing just how poorly drilled we have been the last 3-4 years. You do not implement a system in hockey by drawing up Xs and Os on a board, the game is too fast and the marginals are too small. The more you work on a system, the better you get on it. You can't put a timeframe on it for like 3 years, but it takes time. I am sure Detorit 2013 indirectly is benefitting greatly from work done in 1993, twenty years ago. Its the same with NJD. The job our competitors started in like 2006-2008 maybe, we have to start with in 2013. That is just not good.
It's almost as if Sullivan is a yes man.

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