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04-17-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
Are you concerned for your kids' safety, or concerned that the security will be overbearing?

Entering museums and such, guests have to go through metal detectors at most places as standard procedure.

I haven't heard anything specific, but it's typical after attacks for security to be tightened at tourist attractions. That usually entails an increased police presence, and at times crowd control measures (fences and the like).

Considering all the marches, festivals, and other events with sharp political bents that have gone off without any sort of incident, I wouldn't worry too much about the safety of your kids any more than you would normally. DC is pretty vigilant about terrorist attacks and the like.
Very much appreciate your response.

Yeah, my concern is a bit of both of the things you mentioned, a polite tap-dance between worry and objectivity. Rationally, I realize the city isn't shutting down, but it's nice to be reassured nonetheless. Also glad to hear they'll get to enjoy the full experience of the town without - I hope - any cancelations.

Thanks again!

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