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04-17-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Laces out Dan View Post
I admire that you stand by your guns with consistency, but he won the Jack Adams pre-lockout. He had a great run that year, but itís a long time ago and the game has changed a lot. Tortorella hasnít changed with it enough to excel in todayís game.

This team, right now, is a poorly coached team and has been almost his entire tenure. Their fundamentals are deplorable: positioning is bad; passing, transition, and power play look like they are never practiced. Tortorellaís in game adjusting and decision making is mediocre to sub-par. And his many public personnel bashes are unprofessional, damaging, and simply bad for morale. You have a problem with a player, handle it in the locker room. Donít publicly throw your guys under a bus with the press or during a practice.

I honestly find the guy likable and feel bad for him as it looks like heís lost the team and appears the players have finally given up on him. It honestly is tough to watch, because I think itís obvious the coaches do care about the organization and obviously want to win. But in my personal estimation, I never felt he did a great job here and overall feel the team has under-achieved during his tenure.

I respect that you feel differently, but bringing up a pre-lockout Adams to strengthen your case does nothing to solidify or speak to whatís happening now.
We were best in the East with him LAST YEAR. And he's completely changed from his Tampa days. Safe is death? He had incredibly offensive teams and he only got fired when the franchise decided he wouldn't have any NHL caliber goalies on the team.

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