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Originally Posted by Retail1LO View Post
I don't attend games because from my house, I can watch any game, anywhere. From my house, any one of those games cost my pennies to watch as a portion of my annual Center Ice package, versus paying 1/2 of my total package's cost for two tickets in the nose bleeds. From my house, hotdogs are 2 for $1. An entire case of beer is nearly less than the cost of two brews at the game. Parking in my driveway is free. The wait at the bathroom is nonexistent, and the facilities are impeccably clean. No travel time. No gas money. No parking costs.

Quite frankly, it's amazing anyone goes to more than a few games a year. With costs continuing to rise, it'll be the upper middle class attending all the games regardless of what city you're referring to. Cocooning is occurring because quite frankly, they're not trying to grow the game. They're trying to squeeze every last dollar possible out of the rich, and the rich can accommodate them. Everyone else just watches from the sidelines as economics dictate.

It's tough to make new fans and get new blood to show up at the rink when everyone raises their prices to all time highs, even after they just had a work stoppage. Hockey fans are nuts of the highest level. Hockey fans are among the most affluent in all of sports. We still haven't reached a price point that keeps but the smallest bunch away.

No.... what happens when they leave the ticket price low is that if the demand is there they are all sold at a profit on the secondary market.

It is what it is and money talks.

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