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04-17-2013, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
If the Flyers amnesty Bryz they need to be sure there's a #1 goalie in place for next season. Gomez was not in a position to be a key cog in the machine in Montreal; he was an overpaid 3rd liner with other guys lined up to fill the role inexpensively.

The Flyers need to be confident that they have a #1 goalie going into next season. Nine games (max) of Mason shouldn't be the basis to judge whether or not to buy out Bryz.

The tweet quoted in my initial post indicated that strong play by Mason may lead to a Bryz buy out. I hope that's just speculation and not what the front office is actually considering.
I would LIKE it if we went into next year with a #1 goalie after amnestying Bryzgalov, but you make it seem as if we'd be doomed without one and that we shouldn't buy out Bryzgalov without one lined up and I just can't agree with you there.

Look at the caliber of play you've gotten from Bryzgalov over the past 2 years... nothing about that says "#1 goalie". In fact, many of the stats he posted would even be considered bad for a backup. About the nicest thing you can say about him is "He played a lot of games this year". But there are cheap backups out there capable of a time-split with Mason and you could reasonably assume you'd get the same or better stats as Bryz gave you at less than half the price.

This "fear of the unknown" that Flyers fans seem to have when we are dealing with one of the worst starting goaltenders in the NHL is amusing to me. We're already near rock bottom w/ our starting goalie situation, the only place to go is up. So whether we sign Emery, Khudobin, Thomas, Backstrom, Nabokov, Labarbera, or Ellis, it really doesn't matter: BRYZ SHOULD BE GONE.

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