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04-17-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Yep View Post
Which elements on which frame do you feel should be more retro?

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I was just thinking that the fonts could look all retro, or at least a little more consistent overall. Your 'legends' frame looks marvelous and the other frames sort of seem odd in comparison (no negative criticism, it's looking very good, but different).

habsman56 did a good job on that part. Maybe it's just me, but with these animated gifs, I like when there's a common part to all the gifs. Otherwise my slow brain has a hard time following!

You guys are doing quite a good job! As it's been said:

-A frame with a habs and a tag. While we're at it, people could use 'whinning is coming' or 'a new hope' with an appropriate picture for that frame. That way, all good work is not lost!

-A frame with a legend (or the frog!) and the 'Feels good' quote

-Habs logo, the drive for 25

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