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04-17-2013, 11:20 AM
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Cant make the party. Wish I could so I'll turn you onto a game Ive played for years and introduced into many circles.

7 - 27 split pot game. Similar to blackjack. Good game especially when theres 6 or more players. Can use double or triple decks if anyone is a card counter.

Closest to 7 without going over and closest to 27 without going over each wins 1/2 the pot. Can have multiple winners for 7 and/or 27. If you bust on 7, you can try for 27. If you bust on 27, you're automatically out.

Aces are 1 or 11 (or both if you're going for 7 and 27). All 10, face cards and jokers if used are 1/2 point.

Case hand A, A, 5. Thats 7 for low hand and 27 for high hand. Actually you can have any combination for 7, e.g. A, A, 3, 2; A, A, face, face, 4 etc as long as it totals 7.

Low hand wins half. High hand wins half. Number of drawn cards dont matter. Only total. There can be multiple winners at 7 or 27, then winners split low portion or high portion accordingly.

Game play -

Dealer deals everyone 2 cards face down to start.

Do not declare if you're going low or high but you cant bluff for low because if you're over 7, then you're automatically disqualified for low hand.

Then dealer asks everyone if they want card. Then bet.

You can pass on taking cards at anytime but once everyone passes taking any cards, thats the final round and the final bets.

Have fun guys. Have a drink for me.

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