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04-17-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Yeah, no one is saying he deserves a vezina nomination. We are however saying that it shows how Price is viewed by our opponents in the Eastern Conference. Further proof that there is about ~3 teams in the NHL who wouldn't move for Price to assume their number 1 goalie position.
Hey, don't worry. I understand that. Not exactly a Price lover, but I put myself in the other teams shoes, and I absolutely would love to have him here, just to see how he'd do in another market than Montreal. I think that coaches and GM's understand that fact and some might have named in based on where he's playing.

I would also move to make Price my #1 goalie. Mostly based on the fact that Price is at least a top 10 goalie, there's at least 20 teams who would do it. I'd even do it. But as far as WE are we see the absolute best we can from him based on how he was brought in? Based on the pressure on Habs goalies? Based on his personnality? I mean, we hear so much about this stupid "change of scenery" that maybe, just maybe, THIS TIME, it might actually be true? Not too tough to imagine that he could go from good to great elsewhere. Mostly the reason why IF I want to trade him, there's NO WAY I trade him to an Eastern team. We might wait to see how the relocations of teams are going though.....would be pretty funny to trade him to a Western team that ends up moving in the East.....Like Phoenix for example....That would be something else....

Seriously, I wouldn't move him. Not yet. But if the circus around him doesn't stop, we might have no choice. I mean, at one point, I really thought that the circus would be there the day Halak was traded. And it was, based on his preseason Price got booed. But who shut everybody's trap? Price himself with his performances, and that despite a Jennings trophy by Halak. So only Price can shut everybody up once again. If he can't, well it will get ugly. And if Bergevin doesn't want to have to deal with that, he will need to do some SERIOUS RETOOLING with his D in the summer. Keeping the same D won't cut it next year.

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