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Originally Posted by kicksavedave View Post
Easiest way: Get your self a DVD Recorder like this one. Its just a DVD player that also records onto DVD-R or DVD-RW discs. It records whatever you send to it, so you output from your cable box to the DVD player and (after a format) press record and whatever you are watching gets burned directly to the blank -R or -RW disc. Cost about $100, lots of models to choose from, but its a one step process. You can record from live shows or from DVR'd shows, it doesn't care, whatever your cable box is outputting, you can record. You will probably need to output from the cable box using HDMI or even Component and AV cables, not the Firewire.

You could get more expensive ones that save to an internal HD and record in HD, but you said you wanted a cheaper solution.
my neighbor has an older philips ( 2005/6? model ) that he let me borrow. i used it, and it recorded, but when i went to play the dvd on my computer it wouldnt....the menu screen was there, but when it started to play it stopped at 1 minute in. both shows i recorded did the same thing. they both played on the philips no problem, and when i explored the disc on my computer it showed the files as being normal size along with the time of the show? is my internal drive screwed up in some way? its the factory drive that came with the 'puter, an HP from 2008. the drive is a DVD player/burner. I read the choice of blank disc could cause problems, and the one i used was a cheapie memorex DVD+/-R RW. i did go out and get a pack of verbatim AZO DVD+/-R discs, as i read those are good ones, but the dang philips player said unknown disc so i couldnt record anything.

should i get a new internal DVD drive for the 'puter? all the ones i see now are SATA drives, and i know the drive in my machine is a serial one. I did see an LG drive at worst buy, for like 30 bucks, that was a serial but it must be discontinued as i didn't see it on LG's website.

wally world has magnavox HDD DVD recorders, and according to the folks on AVS forum, those are good machines, the guts are made by funai? theyre not cheap, $280 or so for the 1TB model, the 500G and 300G machines are only $20 cheaper each, so it makes no sense to "save" $40 by going with the 300G...

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