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04-17-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by PumpkinBomb View Post
Ended up buying a Warrior Dolomite DD, 70 flex Toews curve.

I'll get the chance to use the dolomite tomorrow night.

The Toews curve seems a little more intense than my Hall curve, but i care more about the other parts of sticks than the curves.
Those are good, proven sticks. The flex rating is approximate, should be around the same as other intermediates of the same kick point (medium-low).

DD blades should have very good feel but did have durability issues. On the plus side, if the blade goes soft or breaks, you could cut it off and put a tapered blade in there with some work. Probably won't happen for a long time though!

Originally Posted by ponder View Post
This post needs more love. For the most part, consumers have no idea what any product "should cost," we simply try to determine value by comparing it to other products. If there were no sticks that cost more than $100, most of us would think $100 was too much to spend on a stick. With the most expensive sticks at $250+, and sticks with only marginally worse performance at $100-150, it makes the $100-150 sticks seem like a good deal. In the wood stick days $20 was a standard price for a stick, $30 was pricey, and $40 was nuts. Obviously it's a different product now, but there was still a time (not that long ago) when $40 was a tonne of money for a stick.
Top end sticks today are much more advanced than they were five years ago. One-piece construction, advanced carbon fibers, soft yet durable blades, weight at or under 420 grams...

Until a few years ago, the $100 sticks weren't worth buying. Now they are very usable. I remember when the sticks in that price range were the Vapor VI and Easton 300...yikes.

Also, today's $150-175 sticks are pretty comparable to the top end sticks that were about $180 back in the day. The Vapor XX and original Dolomite were north of 450 grams and had fused construction.

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