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Originally Posted by Clowe Me Maybe View Post
Reality is we are in a slump. Reality is prior to the Islanders game we had been operating at like 35% or something over the previous 6 games. They quoted it on NBC. Reality is no team is perfect. Reality is that people on these boards will always find something to nitpick at. Reality is that firing Mike Sullivan will help our Power Play as much as it did when we fired Perry Pearn.

IMO if we played a highly offensive run and gun system we would have a much more successful power play because that mindset would be engrained in the players minds. We don't play that way. We think defense first and it is even evident on our power play.
Consistentcy. There's a difference between slumping and the incredible, roller coaster like ups and downs this team goes through. This team isn't consistent enough to call what they are going through right now a slump. This is the norm.

Again, is it impossible to replace one incompetent with another? What's the cause? Let's not act like Pearn went on to great things after he left the Rangers.

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