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04-17-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Danja View Post
That said, "owning" a naturally occurring gene requires none of the above and the notion that such a gene itself, rather than the method to extract it, would be patentable is very troubling.
Originally Posted by Danja View Post
That is much of what we do, yes. I'd name some patents but I want to maintain some anonymity. Here's a different synthetic gene (protein I guess, but it comes from the gene) that's used by biologists worldwide:

Okay, thanks for clarifying, Danja. I agree that the purely synthetic genes could/should be able to get patent protection. This starts getting us into the greater arena of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) with regard to intellectual property as well. You have both the gene(s) of interest or the genetic modifications, coupled to the techniques used to insert the genetic material into the host organism (the protein factory, if you will) or 'host' environment.

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