Thread: Speculation: Stalock's future with the Sharks
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04-17-2013, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by vilpertti View Post
I didn't know Vezina was a trophy for the most athletic goalie. I thought stats were important...
The Jennings is the stats trophy.

It isn't for athleticism. But, the athletes have a better shot at repeating. The Vezina is subjective and frequently subject to Canadian/East Coast bias. In terms of the knowledge about goaltending, it is interesting to note that non-Canadians are over-represented in goaltending in the NHL which says something about the knowledge behind the training in Canada. The gold star goes to the Finns.

IMO, a telling point will be who the Finns select for their Olympic goalie(s).

There has been a bit of a trend to go to the sumo wrestler theory of goaltending. Get the big guy no matter what and it isn't that bad, but I would much rather see guys who are both athletic and big get rewarded. A couple of non-athletic bigs have done well, Luongo and Bryz. They both have question marks and those question marks go back to their lack of athleticism and skills. Tampa hung their hat on the sumo theory and got burned badly this year.

Originally Posted by stalockrox View Post
There are elite goalies, above average goalies, average, etc. Niemi is outplaying his contract, he has since he signed it. So no, moving a #1 goalie for futures is a horrible idea and that $3mil that the team may save on goaltending isn't enough to get any kind of player that will have as much of an impact on the team as Niemi.

To whoever said that the goalies w/ SP over .920 aren't making money, if you're looking at it only this season you're doing it wrong. Go back the last couple of years and the top goalies are Rinne, Lundqvist, Thomas, Luongo, Ward, Price...Schneider and Rask are joining that group - the only one making under $4 mil is Rask and that will change this offseason.

I'd also really like to know what it is you see in Stalock that says he's ready to be a #1 goalie? Or find me a team that has, not even Cup aspirations but playoff aspirations that traded a very good starting goalie to hand the team over to a player with less then 2 periods of NHL play.
Thanks for going over the top guys. I would add Miller to your list, my only quibble. Most of them would qualify for the athletic label.

While I don't think it is a good idea to go with someone who is untested, I don't think the coach should be blind to the need to both rest the starter and give good prospects reasonable opportunities. A couple of passes for bad games for youngsters should be part of that package. If you are going to forgive the starter for a poor performance, you should certainly do so for the backup.

For others,
On goalie/team integration, note that Philly acquired Bryz, a non-athlete. A disaster waiting to happen. Philly runs with a high risk/high reward system. They should be looking for the most athletic guy out there to face the number of odd-man's that they will give up.

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