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04-17-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by crunchyblack View Post
My god man, you only hear/see what you want to hear/see. There's no way in hell the coaches are sacrificing Marleau's skill to "enhance other people's production". Do you hear yourself? Marleau is a freaking SNIPER. He's paid to score goals. YES, he's great at other things like the PK, but this isn't why DW signed his ass until the next century at an absurd cap hit.

I'll give you that he might be injured, but either way, he's not doing for this team what he's signed to do. He's helping in other areas, but that isn't enough, as is blatantly obvious by this team either losing, or just squeaking out the W every game.

The big guns need to step it up, this includes Marleau, whether or not your love affair for him will let you see that.
3 years at 6.9m is the next century and an absurd cap hit? Critisize him all you want, but give me a freaking break with that. It was a great contract, especially considering the year he had just come off of.

It's still a good contract, not great, but considering he's 3rd on the team in points and tied for 1st in goals he's still one of our top-3 players and $6.9m for a veteran putting up those kinds of numbers is a good deal.

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