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Originally Posted by JimAnchower View Post
LeBlanc/Gosbee and Pastor won't make the list. And Pastor wants to meet the mayor on Friday morning. Looks like a waste of everyone's time, except for the free coffee and donuts.
The COG can cancel the RFP for arena manager at any time. If a new owner buys the Coyotes and come to a suitable lease agreement with the COG, they'll just cancel the RFP and go with the Coyotes owners.

I think that the RFP is still "Plan B", but would become "Plan A" if nobody steps forward with a bona fide offer to purchase the Coyotes locally, or if they can't come to a lease agreement with the COG.

I think we have a clear enough picture of how things will likely proceed from here. The NHL will try to agree on the terms of sale with at least one potential owner (Gosbee? Pastor?). If that happens, they'll approach the COG with "take it or leave it" terms for a lease. If the COG finds the terms unpalatable or financially unmanageable, the NHL will plan for relocation and the COG will proceed with the RFP for "Plan B" for management of the

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