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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
Looks like LeBlanc and Lakehead Yale would not even make the short list. They wouldn't meet the minimum qualifications in terms of experience. No wonder LeBlanc tried to cut a deal with Scruggs and city council before it got to this stage.
None of them would, not Gosbee let alone LeBlanc & IEH's; Pastors' out entirely, Jamison doesnt qualify, leaving whomever in 4th, who Im going to just take a wild guess & figure its Reinsdorf/Kaites; they would qualify as an Arena Manager absent an anchor tenant but wouldnt bother submitting a proposal I cant imagine. Thats not their dealeo really. The only way the first three land that contract is by buying the team & end-running all of the regular & normal sets of criteria, just toss it all out the window.... like what the NHL appears to have been doing for the past 3yrs in failing to initiate even the most rudimentary forms of due-didley when entertaining prospective buyers. So either this things for real or its all for show. Guess were about to find out.

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