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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
Why eliminate one of your better assets to move up a few spots in a draft? We dont know what those other guys are going to do at the NHL level. In fact, we dont know what Smith is going to do at that level. What we do know is Smith is getting his feet wet and he shows signs of being a real good player combined with his mistakes. He over skates things. Typical with younger guys getting used to the speed at the NHL level. He's going to be fine. Whether that ends up being top 4 or top 2 is the only thing that will sort itself out.

You dont move guys like him to move up 7-10 spots in a draft.
Which is why you don't make the move but there is some logic to it & I'd hope they would at least discuss it. Like I said we'd be trying to account for a hole that we currently don't have, I like to think of it as picking for need at the draft, while we create another one in the present.

It really depends on if you feel that Smith has lost that top pairing potential or not, or if you feel that the Dmen coming up, Ouellet/Backman mainly, will be NHL ready in 1-2 years and you fell that they can replace what Smith would have done, at least partly, then it's definitly plausible. If you feel that way then losing Smith but picking up someone with top line potential. either as #1C or as a high end winger, it may be worth the risk.

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