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Originally Posted by desperateblue View Post
Stickhandling balls work great to get your hands used to the weight but I found that that roll was different.

I had a great coach in junior and he used to make us sit in the dressing room after pactice for a half and hour practicing stickwork.If you noticed most of the great stick handlers dont move the puck back and forth from left to right. They roll the puck from the tip of the blade to the heel.Because of the shape of the blade eventually you will be able to do it way faster then you could move left to right.

Sit on a bench or something similiar with your stick extended in front of you and try to make a puck move from heel to tip as fast you can until you can do it fast on the ice. Eventually you will know exactly where the puck is as long as you have it .
sorry. Cant quite visualize what you just said, but it sounds pretty important. Rephrase?

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