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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
Several of those differences are minuscule and add up to a handful of points over a full season. The only one that shows any substantive difference is the one where Kariya played a small number of games and, not surprisingly, Selanne's PPG dropped as he had to play an entire season as the Ducks' only offensive threat (and with nagging injuries for much of it).

This is without even getting into the goal scoring aspect.
Yet the opposite argument is used against a post-Suter Kariya.

And if these differences are miniscule why are you clinging to the silly argument that there is no reasonable argument for Kariya?

Obviously, there is, especially considering their ages at the time. Kariya was at least at the same level as Selanne and at an age with more upside before getting face mashed.

Selanne's was also trending upwards,
If you say so.

and he actually played the games.
Agreed but he also didn't get cross checked in the face after a goal.

Are we talking about the players' "primes", only their time on the Ducks, or only their time on the Ducks together?
There is a thread title.

A lot of the talk about Kariya being better seems to be based on stuff like speed and excitement. There's really not much actual substance behind it, other than PPG which I assign relatively little value to.
Yeah cause there were a lot of smallish 21 year old 40-50 goal scoring & 100 point scoring left wingers in the dead puck era.

You can prefer Selanne all you like but to state that there is no reasonable way to prefer Kariya is pretty silly.

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