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04-17-2013, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
Sort of. People were acting as if there was a huge injustice being done — to Zuccarello and tot the fans. People wanted to use a rather small sample and extrapolate it out and it doesn't work that way. And then there were some who acted like the Rangers had the second coming of Adam Oates in Europe who was going to come over, bolster the offense and fix the power play.
I don't think that's true. People were saying he was going to add creativity and make the powerplay better. Imho he has.

He's been OK. I said before I think he's been better than last season but he's still a one dimensional player who has definite flaws. I've said all along the biggest issue this team has is Richards being as bad as he's been. That doesn't have anything to do with Zuccarello, however.
I think it does. He brings a lot of what Richards was supposed to bring. For a far cheaper price. He adds something the team lacks, partially because of Richards going Drury.

Again, I said he's been better. But he's never going to be a good defensive player.
He'll never be a Callahan. He is however no worse than any other of the primarily offensive players on this team.

This is where Im not so sure. I don't know if he can hold up over the course of a full season.
That's fine. But if you're going to talk sample sizes, remember his longest stint with the Rangers has been his best production wise.

Skill is great —*when it translate into production. There have been a ton of player who have had skill but have not been able to get that skill turn into production.
Again. Sample size. He has created tons of chances. Some should have been scored on, and even if you can't blame his teammates for his numbers, I think he's been better than his numbers show.

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