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04-17-2013, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Depends on which status quo we're talking about. One status quo, perhaps the most important one, has never been abandoned: filling the most important role on the team with a free agent.

Can you name the last team to win a Cup where their most important offensive player wasn't either drafted and developed by that club, or traded for at a very early point in the player's career?

I'm pretty sure the answer is the '94 Rangers. The 17 champions since didn't need to go outside the organization to find their most important gamebreaking talent.
Ok, but how many of those championship teams rebuilt?

Or just built better and better and better teams?

Pittsburg sucked.

Colorado sucked.

Tampa sucked I guess.

But the rest? I think they just built good teams.

And add Bos to the list with 94 NYR for sure, they got Chara. Dallas got Nieuwendyk. Ana won by Pronger and Nieds, trade and UFA.

I don't know, tanking wasn't an option for this team after we got Hank. And before we got Hank, we had missed the PO for 7 straight, what where we supposed to do, miss it for 5 more? Wasn't an option back then we aren't NYI.

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