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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
This is entirely separate, absent an anchor tenant MN. This is an invitation to really companies like AEG, Global-Spectrum & others with experience in large facility management. The Glendale RFP includes there-in a requirement that bidders include in their submissions just what they would do to attract an anchor tenant, the assumption being with that point that the Coyotes are already gone. However, in another question & requirement, the RFP asks the bidder to include information as to how they see themselves working with an anchor tenant if one is already installed & therefore pre-existant to their assuming the contract on July 1st, 2013 should they win it. Intelligently, the RFP asks for references pursuant to working with anchor tenants & so on & so forth so the bars been set at a reasonable level and will keep the riff raff from applying.
So, there goes the IEH / Lakehead Yale dream...

I think that the sub-text to all of this is that it is a "Plan B", in case the Coyotes are not retained as an anchor tenant with an attendant lease agreement with the new owner. If a local sale and lease agreement is successfully concluded, the COG can just rip up the RFP and go with "Plan A".

This does, however, seem to set some timelines on the process. As has been noted earlier in these threads, once bids are in it will substantially narrow the COG's scope for subsidizing a Coyotes owner without attracting scrutiny under the gift clause. The entire purpose of avoiding this sort of RFP by previous council members and city managers has been to retain some thin veneer of plausibility vis-a-vis the cost of managing the This was necessary to justify a large enough AMF to provide a big chunk of money towards the Coyotes operation. As soon as the COG has in its hands some bona fide bids for arena management that are substantially less expensive than the Coyotes-associated lease, there will be clear evidence of the size of the subsidy masked within the AMF.

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