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Originally Posted by Hobnobs View Post
While both being in Anaheim they were so ridiculously close to eachother.

PPG during their full seasons together: Selšnne 1.27 and Kariya 1.28 between 97-00. Between 96-01 Kariya has 1.25 while Selšnne is 1.22. The only difference between them is that Selšnne managed to play full seasons whila Kariya ran into injury problems.
And one of them held-out for 32 games while the other scored 24 of his team's 70 goals in those same games. I absolutely understand that Kariya wanted to make a statement against the organization, but yeah, that sort of thing comes up in the jersey retirement discussion.

Originally Posted by Teemu Selanne, December 1997
I'm not going to complain about my contract. I knew at that time when I signed, if the only problem I would have was that I'm a little bit underpaid, things are pretty good.
I'm in favor of Kariya's number getting retired - or at least honored in the jade/eggplant colors - but I think it's kinda silly that some of you are getting hung up on proving that Kariya was better or Selanne was better based upon points-per-game numbers that are identical with fair context.

When Selanne had to play without Kariya for stretches in 1997 and 1999, he still put up goals/points, but it wasn't as high as the rate they cut together - hence the lower cumulative points-per-game than Kariya. Without Kariya in most of October 1996, Selanne scored 12 points in 11 games (1.09), then after getting reunited, Selanne posted 1.45 to Kariya's 1.43. Likewise in 1998 when Kariya held out and was injured, Selanne scored 56 points in 51 games (1.10), but together they scored 30 and 31 points respectively in 22 games - which makes that 1.41/1.18 figure BraveCanadian stated look a little flawed, as Kariya has a higher number because Selanne had to do it alone more often.

They were on the same level as players at their peaks 1996-1999. Kariya got more attention (and a Hart nomination) because the team played poorly without him in October 1996 but really well with both of their stars throughout the rest of the year. And then Selanne received the same attention and nomination the next season, albeit without the post-reunion success or the hype of having to fill Mario Lemieux's shoes as the next elite Canadian star.

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