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Originally Posted by deuce457 View Post
jeff carter and phil kessel would be a disaster, Carter is not a playmaker, he is a goal scorer, similar to kessel and JVR.
Kessel is the playmaker. That's getting rather obvious as we see the guy play. He likes to maintain possession of the puck and distribute. I can't imagine that changing even if he gets an orthodox playmaker who he doesn't require.

I swear, I remember a Montreal poster suggest that Kessel would be better off with a shooting centre. You know, someone like Eric Staal or Steven Stamkos who likes to pot in goals. Otherwise, we need someone like Crosby (impossible) who can keep the puck in the opposition zone. Paul Stastny is way too passive for my likings and does not compliment Kessel at all.

He's a decent skater, but not a fast skater like Kessel. More so, he isn't an offensive threat on his own being an orthodox playmaker. That said, someone like Kulemin and Lupul would compliment him better since they can pot in goals and are more rugged. We need to make the top line a bit more stronger. With that in mind, Connolly would be a much better choice...

Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
Clearly. He has two wingers very capable of scoring goals, and as the centre he is in the BEST position to distribute the puck to either one of them, and yet he gets a disproportionately high number of secondary assists as opposed to primary assists.

He SHOULD be the "assist man" on that line, he's just not a good enough player to do so. He's essentially a so-so goal scorer, a so-so playmaker, who lacks size and is decent defensively but not great. It'd be one thing if he was bringing Bergeron/Toews/Backes/etc calibre defensive play, but he's not.[...]
Best position is rather questionable. The Oilers were able to make it to the finals with a playmaker on the wing ( Hemsky). Horcoff is a decent distributor, but Hemsky was approaching elite in that regard. The same for the Cup winning team with their primary playmaker being a winger ( St Louis).

We need to get away from that idea that a centre has to be the primary distributor. Sundin actually performed better with playmaking wingers like Nik Antropov, Alexander Mogilny, etc rather garbage goal scorers like Jason Blake. In fact, Sundin would've thrived with someone like Phil Kessel.

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