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04-17-2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by jml87 View Post
My biggest problem with Amaro is his signing free agents for way more than anyone else is willing to pay. Ibanez, Howard, Pabelbon, Polanco, etc. Then his constant trading of the farm and the signing of over the hill relievers comes next.

I liked the Halladay trade and the trade for Lee, most of those prospects didn't turn out to be much. But he has no ability to make the little moves like Gillick used to. In 2008, trading for Blanton and grabbing Stairs off waivers didn't make waves but they were smart moves. Ruben just kept overpaying for everyone in sight until the Phillies cut him off, leaving us with a massive payroll and a mediocre team. Now the owners don't want to pay anymore and we don't have anyone to bring up.

The Phillies management since Gillick left has just gradually gotten worse. Just a couple young power hitters would do the world for the lineup. Everything depends on Utley, Rollins, and Howard, and they just can't bail the team out like they used to.
You sir, seem to think along the same lines as me regarding our GM. I completely agree with this post.

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