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04-17-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by ponokanocker View Post
With PP and PK, there isn't as many man to man battles for the puck, more similar to the Eurpean style of hockey. With 5v5 in the NHL, there are a lot of puck battles. That is why I believe things are working on special teams, but why we fail at 5v5. We don't have many players that are good at winning puck battles. It's not Krueger's fault that the team has been put together poorly.
I agree we need to win more puck battles in general but I'm sorry I can't agree with losing puck battles as the main reason we suck so hard 5 on 5. Most of the game is played even strength so obviously there are going to be more puck battles. Clearly it's the bottom 6 forwards, our D, bad goaltending sometimes and most importantly our system.

Overtime is played 4 on 4 and we're 4-7 in games that extend beyond 3 periods (2 wins in SO and 3 SO losses). Although that's still even strength, the more wide open style or as you brand it "European style" should favor the Oilers but that isn't the case either.

I think it's safe to say most Oiler fans agree we don't have the proper personnel to win in the lineup so that handicaps the team right off the bat. But imo we also don't play a system that maximizes success 5 on 5 and that fault lies with coaching. Look at the number of games where there have been legitimate complaints that the team looked unprepared or they just got plain dominated by teams close to us in the standings. I will not simply say that's because we lose too many puck battles. Puck battles are a symptom.

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