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04-17-2013, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes its quite clear that since the election of last fall & the change of administration the games of the past were put away, and quite likely a sigh of relief that Jamison wasnt able to close by January 31st. Since that time, we've seen the City finally pulling itself up off the canvas inch by inch, beginning the process of regaining its dignity & frankly position of strength in finally outing the suitors & the NHL itself. Theyve earmarked $6M in as the AMF regardless of it being enjoined to the Coyotes ownership group or sans an anchor tenant altogether so the insanity appears to have stopped. I would have preferred theyd employed someone other than Beacon, but thus far & based on the RFP, well, so far so good, but Im still suspicious of their motives & role. That perhaps this is just an elaborate facade to demonstrate that prudence & aforethought, common sense & due diligence is being applied when in fact no bids ever will be tendered as by the time the deadline to do so is near the NHL & Suitor A, B or C has hatched & presented yet another proposal that Glendale meekly surrenders to. Lets hope not. That its for real, on the up & up. But yes, as CasualFan says above, next moves the NHL's pursuant to this franchise. Clocks about to strike Midnight. Either put up or shut up, alternatively, get the four letter word starting with eff out of town & stop trying to drain every last drop of blood from the multiple victims you yourselves shot & killed.
BINGO! with tight restrictions on who can bid, eliminating many wanabees. In my opinion any group associated with the NHL will not bid unless it has already been decided that this Dog is dead. Setting the table for a large AMF to some underfunded Coyote ownership group.

Is this plausible?

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