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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
What exactly can Weirs discuss with Coyotes suitors? or is the RFP simply ripped up if a legitimate Coyote's buyer emerges?
Ya. Ripped up. Kaputski. Dont bother sending anything in fella's. Thats what Im saying, about Beacon. Not sure if I trust these guys. Youve really gotta keep your eye on em. The whole thing could be an elaborate front. Serious Conspiracy Theory I know but all too common a ploy. Give the appearance that everythings being done that can be, look at us, all transparent & open, then BAM!. Deal done in a backroom, RFP's yanked, you find out a year or 3 later through FOI's that the Gov actually wound up paying $37,876.39 for a single solitary Stabler stapler, one box of re-fills included.

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