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O6 Finals.

Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
'49 TML also had a losing record, but won the cup, and lost only 1 playoff game. '48 TML had the best record and won the cup. i don't know why TML were that much weaker in '49, but loss of syl apps must have been important. their GA was still good, but their GF was 2nd worst.

i think '38 chicago would have to rank lower than TML, b/c TML had winning records in '47, '48 and '50, and were a dynasty. it's strange though that chicago made the finals 3 times in '30s, but also missed the playoffs several times.

O6 finals were rather interesting. 4th place team making the finals often produced a scenario where a finalist had a losing regular season record. 1949 Toronto was the only team that won. Some of the other finals with sub .500 teams include 1950, 1951, 1953, 1958, 1959, 1961.

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