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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Depends on which status quo we're talking about. One status quo, perhaps the most important one, has never been abandoned: filling the most important role on the team with a free agent.

Can you name the last team to win a Cup where their most important offensive player wasn't either drafted and developed by that club, or traded for at a very early point in the player's career?

I'm pretty sure the answer is the '94 Rangers. The 17 champions since didn't need to go outside the organization to find their most important gamebreaking talent.
Bruins, Kings, Anaheim? Several teams won based on a compilation of talent rather than a single game breaker. Bruins signed Thomas who then found the holy grail and they signed the best FA D man of the last decade. We signed the 1,2,3 and 4 worst FA's period of the last decade. Hard to recover from the top 4 absolute worst FA signings of the last decade. Thats a major contract mistake that hamstrings the team an avg of every 2.5 years. All on Glen
NJ didn't have any major game breaking talent in terms of a top 5 scorer unless you consider Elias there and he's scratching that door alhough obviously they had the D/G and the benefits of a differently structure NHL rule wise.

If we had Nash last year instead of an injured Gabs I think we win the cup. or if we had had Kovalchuk. But we went with gabs b/c that impatient idiot couldnt wait to make the FA splash. Regardless any team can go for a single cup run. I want a team that's top 4 in the east year after year. Had we made the right signings we'd have been THE team. We didn't. All on Glen

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