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Originally Posted by Drake88 View Post


Ultimately I think it's very possible we see Rapid City, Missouri, Wichita and Tulsa in the ECHL in the near future

I believe Brampton and Denver also could be possibilities but they would be far less likely. Brampton would work in the Atlantic division but there is no guarantee the league would want to deal with a Canadian team. In order for Denver to be admitted into the ECHL they would probably need permission from the eagles, and given how the Rocky Mountain Rage situation unfolded, I don't see that happening.

Due to the lack of news and advertising, I think we can all assume something is seriously wrong in St. Charles.

I just don't see the ECHL taking a team like Fort Worth due to their attendance trouble and arena.
I don't even know why, since i'm nowhere near an ECHL team, but I'm really hoping this is the year that the league can definitively 'conquer' the CHL. Maybe its just from an organizational standpoint that the 1-1-1 format appeals to me...I'm wondering though, if there's a mass exodus of teams to the ECHL and St. Charles fails to launch, would the CHL continue to operate with maybe 6 or so teams (two of which would be league owned) or would they shut it down? At that point they would more closely resemble the shambolic single-A FHL than any pretense to competing for an AA-status.

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