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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
BINGO! with tight restrictions on who can bid, eliminating many wanabees. In my opinion any group associated with the NHL will not bid unless it has already been decided that this Dog is dead. Setting the table for a large AMF to some underfunded Coyote ownership group... Is this plausible?
Yes of course it is, and precisely why Beacon as the Gatekeeper & Authors of the RFP bothers me. All of the top arena management companies that would qualify are either owned in part by or have NHL/NBA ties, the leagues working together, Stern & Bettman, a phone call here, an email there, whatever, and the plot just gets thicker & thicker & thicker. Look at Hamilton with Copps. Just last year, appoints Sniders Global Spectrum. Part of that contract including a vague promise that GS would attempt to facilitate the procurement of an NHL franchise & worded very much like Beacons RFP in the point detailing precisely that, though not "NHL Franchise" specific. "Anchor Tenant" the operative word. Now, there are some smaller operators out there, but they in some cases either dont qualify, or are beholding to the bigger players who if they **** off could make life very difficult for, crush them like an annoying bug. So ya, its plausible that Beacon doesnt have the City's best interests at heart here & is simply giving the appearance of such, having been bought off & corrupted by God only knows. I surely do hope not, touch wood, for surely Glendales been through enough as it is with Beasley et al. Almost to much to take if we discover yet further duplicity & skullduggery goin on.

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