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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Samuelsson has been the guy who has been assigned to develop the defensemen with the minor pro affiliate. He's had that job for almost 10 years now. It would be different if Samuelsson has only been doing this for two or three years, but it's been 10 years. At some point, the direction should be looked at Kjell's way as to why not a single defenseman has developed under his watch. Look at how badly some players have digressed (Manning in particular).

I have no confidence in Samuelsson what so ever. I'm not going to believe that in 10 years time, he couldn't develop at least one capable defender. Every defender he's ever sunk his claws into, they've either been ruined completely or cast off to another organization. With Hatcher now in the organization, he's the guy I want working with the defense prospects until Pronger's contract is complete and then that's the guy who should slide into that role.
Since 2002 the flyers have selected 5 defensemen in the first or second round. Pitkänen and Sbisa being the only 1st rounder and they obviously both turned out fine though one was moved. Marshall, Bodrov and Ratchuk were the 2nd rounders. Bodrov came to NA for all of 17 games before going back overseas so you have to exclude him from all this. That leaves Marshal and Ratchuk. They say about one quarter of 2nd rounders turn into NHL career players so the fact that neither of them turned out is just probability. The Flyers have taken 4 d-men in the 3rd round since 2002. Ghost (we won't know about him for a few year), Bartulis, Picard and Bourdon. Bourdon turned into a capable #6, 7 but he's injured. The other two spent short amounts of time in the NHL but obviously nothing substantial. As you would assume the percent of 3rd rounder ever have NHL careers is even lower then the aforementioned twenty five percent. Again just probability. In fact they say only about 12 percent of draft picks from the 3rd to 7th round ever make it to the NHL. i really think the flyers have good scouts but not so great that they simply blow these stats out of the water. With the number of picks the Flyers have had in the higher rounds i really don't understand what people expected.

as far as manning is concerned, that's just nonsense. he was mostly injured last season but when he did play he played well i'll give him that. he plays all of 4 NHL games and everyone is so excited that he's gonna be an everyday NHL d-man someday, like the flyers didn't already beat the odds by getting Gus out of college free agency. and how exactly has he regressed? cause he's having a bit of a tough time in his 2nd year of pro hockey? that happens. and btw his point totals from last year to this year are only off by about .1 ppg, which over an 76 game AHL season equates to about 8 points. not much of difference offensively if you ask me.

oh, and how exactly is it Samuelsson's fault when players get "cast off" to other organizations? it's not. I under stand wanting to get someone better, cause that always make sense and i won't sit here and argue that he's anything above average but you can't expect him to make something out of nothing. the flyers biggest problem is the fact that they simply don't draft D in higher rounds.

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