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04-17-2013, 06:31 PM
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Carter is a hockey vampire now
Now that's a great image, carter sucking the life out of the other team, leaving corpses all over the ice.

I would also put him on PP #2 over Lewis because that unit lacks a lot of things, including a big body in front of the net.
Yeah, I wondered about that too. All he'd have to do is stand in front of the net, he's big enough. Sutter must not like him or trust him...

It's sad that he's our best choice. Hopefully one of the kids can take over

Possibly, but I think that there is a LW coming back as part of the Bernier trade. I've read that a few places but the one that mentioned that the deal is w/an Eastern conf team and DL wouldn't give up JB untl the playoffs were done, so it'll be done on draft day. It was at the end of an article in a Canadian (Toronto?) paper about 10 days ago. My guess is Philly or NJ or Toronto (esp since they tried 3 times on trade day to get Luongo and it didn't get done). We'll see.

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