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Originally Posted by crkkh View Post
This player may have been from a long time ago, but Charlie Conacher was probably top 3 in the NHL during the 1930's...
He won the Stanley Cup only once (1932), but also won 2 Scoring titles (1933 and 1934) as well as leading the NHL in scoring 5 times in 7 years (1930-31/1931-32/1933-34/1934-35/1935-36)
He broke his wrist the next year and never recovered from the injury properly...

In those years he led the league in scoring he scored 31 goals, 34 goals, 32 goals, 36 goals and 23 goals...all in 48 game many of 2013 stars will score that many (since it is a 48 game season this year)

To contrast this Howie Morenz (the Montreal great) won 2 scoring championships and led the league in goal scoring once (1927-28)... Howie Morenz will always be listed amonst the greatest of Habs...

Sounds like Conacher did rather well for basically 7 years...
Good summary. I think Conacher was the most dominant Leaf in his own setting in the entire history of the franchise. At 6'1 or 6'2 and 200 plus pounds in an era when many players were 5'7 or 8, he was probably one of the most physically dominant players also.

My own opinion is that greatest Leaf is between Conacher and Apps. Apps had an amazing career also and lost some of what could have been his prime seasons to World War II.

Certainly where those two rated among the players of their time considerably exceeds where even the greatest more modern Leafs rated among the players of their time.

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