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Originally Posted by Pablo Aimar View Post
Yeah I think MacT will do a decent job - much better than Tambellini. But its a joke that Lowe is still here.
agreed. i woke up to the press conference on my alarm and i knew right away what the press conference was for but astonished to hear Lowes voice. I did predict MacT would replace Tambi but to hear Lowe indrocing the situation and leading the conference i had to roll my eyes.

Im not going to sit here and bash Lowe too much. I do believe he should be fired. I also know his hands were tied until 05-06, he worked with MacT to find the types of players they still needed to fill holes, and they gave up immediate future commodities in order to build that team to the highest standard possible. Part of that whole situation was to try to get Pronger happy and show they could succeed. Then you had a BUNCH of UFAs, including Oiler picks and new acquisitions, AND you had a list of RFAs...all either running away to cash in in the easier travalling East or to cash in here at home to re-sign. Pronger walking away wasnt the only negative thing to happen; alot of players left and those that stayed wanted bigger bucks than they were worth. The 2006 stanley cup playoffs and cup run WERE extremely expensive at the cost of our future.

So I cant put the Dump truck load of cow manure on LOwe. I am happy they went all in on that year. The unfortunate part of that equation is that Pronger had wanted out since January and was professional enough to keep it internal in the expectation that Lowe would shop him...and Oilers management -Lowe- didnt communicate as to where the process was, which then made CPs agent go to the press and ruin the value for what was the best player in the league. Crosby at that time did not have the value a Pronger would have --hadd the trade demand not been known. Long term contract, A pittance cap hit, Dominant player at a dominant position. I blame K Lowe for not keeping the CP party in the loop and working harder to get the job done.

MacT will do well as a GM. A trust him more than anyone else that has been through the organization... even more than Sather who traded Satan for being immature and also not following dress codes at formal functions, traded assets for cases of cigars and allowed horrific drafting.

Hats off for the hiring of MacT. I am very interested to see what he does. He was never shy at calling a spade a spade, he was never shy to not buy into hype around a player and evaluating him with a open mind , only looking at the skill set shown in front of him.

I look forward to his interviews as well.

Lowe needs to move on though.

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