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Originally Posted by Gustave View Post
Remember the centennial season? I do. We were killer for 3 months, then lost a pivotal player in Lang which threw our balance out the window and the whole team lost confidence. Feels just like this with Emelin's injury replacing Lang's. Hope I'm wrong.
This is one of the best posts I have seen on HFBoards in a while.

You addressed what a lot of people refuse to believe exists. You call it balance. I call it chemistry. Confidence and momentum. We had a combination of symbiotic relationships among the linemates.

And then came the upset of the balance. It was not an injury. It was Michel Therrien who came up with the brilliant idea to take a very successful team with lines that were working together and blow it all up.

Rene Bourque came back to the team after missing most of the season. The team had scored 115 goals without Bourque in the lineup.

Instead of inserting Bourque into the lineup in a manner that would provide a smooth transition, Therrien decided that a complete overhaul was needed.

Bourque to the top line. Sure, Bourque scored a goal (should have been Gionta's but the puck somehow hit Bourque's stick). But that was the end of that line.

Pleks and Gionta have done nothing with Bourque. Bourque is out of position and that line had chemistry with Ryder and somehow always found an open Ryder for a quality shot.

The 1st line's chemistry was destroyed.

2nd line stays the same.

The third line of Eller, Chuckie and Prust were on fire. They were scoring and playing great tight defense. Remove Prust and insert Ryder. Ryder has ZERO chemistry with Eller and Prust. Ryder is also the teams leading goal scorer. As baffled as I am with that decision, I am sure that the players are just as confused as to why the leading scorer was demoted to the third line, a line that does not give Ryder any chance of succeeding since he is not as effective on D nor is he given a chance to score goals.

The 3rd line's chemistry was destroyed as was the effectiveness of our top scoring forward.

The fourth line became a Prust Halpern Moen line. Moen has been ineffective all season. Halpern is a face off specialist and not much else. Prust is a 3rd line forward being forced to play junk minutes with two forwards lacking skill.

The 4th line remained a waste of Prust's talents and contributed nothing to the offense.

And here we are today wondering what the hell happened and why this team suddenly looks like a crap team from last year.

The domino effect has taken hold. Getting the momentum back will be like herding cats. It is a foolish move to completely change the lines right before the playoffs start.

Let's start thinking about next season. Therrien channeled Carbo and forgot that proper player management is needed to win.

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