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Originally Posted by 2 Minute Minor View Post
Maybe someone can clarify, I thought the buy-out option was only available (in terms of the special deal for Cap compliance) this and next season. I didn't think it was there indefinitely.
Teams have 2 compliance buy-outs, which can be used in the summer of 2013 or the summer of 2014. After what was going to happen to Redden and Gomez, they tweaked the rules to allow a buyout prior to that start of this season as well.

Originally Posted by bluemandan View Post
Or they could trade ROR for an impact defenseman who is proven in the NHL, not pay an overpriced salary for a guy who doesn't want to be there, and draft MacKinnon to replace him for pennies on the dollar.

Drafting for team need isn't the smartest move. Unless you are currently a Cup contender like Boston when they drafted Seguin.
I don't think that ROR has any problem with signing an extension in Colorado. The idea that he doesn't want to be there is a fallacy. Colorado backed themselves into a corner with the Duchene extension and then basically wanted to play hardball with ROR. They got shown up.

On the draft... it is just interesting this year. There is an argument that MacKinnon is the least talented of the three, but might be the smart choice as the first overall. I'd either take Jones at #1 or trade down to #4 for Barkov.

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