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04-17-2013, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Not hating Emelin. Just tired to read the comments about how he's so incredible, incredibly missing, and that if we start using that excuse, management will, hence not making any ****ing changes next year, hence a worst D year than we had this year. 'Cause that D, INCLUDING Emelin, is not great. 1 player does not solely changes the dimension of a team. You want a tough defense, bring me 3 more like that. THEN it becomes your identity. Emelin wasn't double shifting. Was not even used on the PP. And frankly, do people remember how he was struggling also? he better than Drewiske, Bouillon and Weber? OF COURSE he is. But it doesn't make HIM the great d-man people thought he is. It makes our depth really bad instead.

But I'm also pissed off at Emelin. All great to be that tough d-man, but that check was totally stupid. No need to freakin start what you can't finish. A chance that it would have woken up that Bruins team. A chance he would have gotten his face pounded maybe ending his career. And he chances he gets hurt.....And our lack of depth will probably cost us an early exit. I hope he picks his players and his moments better. I know that a physical player doesn't choose and just hit the targets. But like everything, I believe in picking your spots better. I belive in Moen trying to fight people losing 2-0 instead of 7-3 and so on.

Emelin is clearly on my top 4 even if he struggled this year. But tons of teams have lost guys like that. And some were fine replacing them. I had hoped we could have done it.

I hope that the only reason why Bergevin kept his picks and his future is that he recognizes how overrated we were and that we are going to fix this in the summer. Let's seriously hope he recognizes that.
Ok, I see your point now and I agree with it. You're right about our D not being "great" even with Emelin and I too hope Bergevin does something to improve it next year.

I don't agree with you blaming him for his injury though. If the hit connected the way he wanted it to connect, it would've been a phenomenal hit. Unfortunately, it went completely wrong and now he's done for the year. **** happens.

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