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09-03-2006, 12:27 PM
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So in a nutshell

Originally Posted by Beaner View Post
The WHL didn't screw up. As has been stated before the WHL Drafts and works differently then the OHL.

The WHL has a bantam draft. 14-15year olds.

If a 15 year old player goes thru the draft and does not get drafted, then he can just be added to a teams 50 player protected list, as long as that team has an available spot on their 50 PPL. You don't need to draft him in the WHL to hold his rights, you just need to put the player on your 50 PPL.

Why would a WHL team "waste" a pick on a 16-17 that they can just name to their 50PPL any time they want as long as they have room?

Take a look at the Draft for this year, 2006, and see how many 1986-1990 born players (16-20 year olds) were drafted. I counted 0.

Thats what the Chiefs have done, Lewis went thru the draft and didnt get drafted, thus they were able to put him on their 50 PPL, as long as they had a spot on it. Which they did.

It wasn't a screw up on the Chiefs, they followed WHL rules, the league they play in, and all the teams in the WHL new that the Chiefs had him on their list and that they couldn't sign him.

The Attack and the OHL are challenging that, and now we will see what happens.

Don't forget that this situation has never happened before, and the WHL has been working with this system for years.


I agree with you though, the chances of Lewis going back to the WHL are slim, for many reasons, but I am more concerned about the precident this will set.

And if the 50PPL is going to be ignored by the other 2 leagues, whats next?
It would appear that the WHL has rules that other leagues do not have with regards to rights to players. Since the rules are WHL rules, it seems sensible to me that they can only be applied within the WHL and not other leagues.

I am not sure what else the CHL could do in this case. If the player tried to go elsewhere in the WHL it would be a no-brainer. Expanding WHL rules to cover the other two leagues really makes no sense to me at all.

I am no lawyer and I am only rationalizing here, but unless the rules are the same across the board within the CHL, how can the CHL stop Lewis from going to Owen Sound? To stop this from happening requires all the 3 leagues to agree to one set of rights rules. Am I missing something here?

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