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04-17-2013, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by GodTukka View Post
So load a team of scrubs, go into rookie tournament, pound the snot out of a team for a couple minutes and then just ghost it. think i got it

What do you mean by TOTW glitch though

(Think i might ghost it while watching the Lakers game later, just keep the sound on so i know when to hit x, lol)
Gotta use your real team for ghosting, the reason it works is that your players (even bad nhl ones) are way better rated than any junior player in the game.

Scrub team is when you challenge the TOTW, with only one decent line (or half-decent at least like the one he mentions that I also have), and all the lowest rated players you have on other lines. Scroll to Superstar to the left using the Dpad at select difficulty, and you will get to play on rookie, with no line changes, and probably win by at least 8 if my games are any indication, your goal in these games should be no offsides, icings, or penalties against; 50 shots for; 30 hits for; perfect PP if you can get them to take a penalty; 0 GA. A perfect game with a 2.5 star team on 1X pucks nets you about 900-1000 pucks depending on the TOTW at the time and your DNF %.

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