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04-17-2013, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by GodTukka View Post
So load a team of scrubs, go into rookie tournament, pound the snot out of a team for a couple minutes and then just ghost it. think i got it

What do you mean by TOTW glitch though

(Think i might ghost it while watching the Lakers game later, just keep the sound on so i know when to hit x, lol)
No the scrub team is for the TOTW glitch. At the difficulty screen, hit left twice on the d-pad to Superstar. You play Superstar rules (no line changes, why you dress scrubs, and autoaim) but the CPU plays like its on Rookie.

You get the bonus for playing on Superstar AND a big team difference bonus (your 2-3 star team versus their 5).

Ghost with your regular team.

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