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12-29-2003, 09:15 PM
Winston Wolf
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Originally Posted by Snakeeye
We get that you like Kaberle, Sluggo.

I'm not laughing at you Snakeeye, but Sluggo hates Kaberle and is the biggest (and probably the only) Kaberle basher on the whole Leafs board and then comes over here and tries to pimp Kaberle like he's going to solve all of the Flame's problems.
It's hilarious really, ask any Leafs fan on these boards and they'll tell you that Sluggo constantly bashes Kaberle and thinks he is really a #4 defenseman.
Here's a quote from Sluggo on Kaberle:

The mistakes that Kaberle constantly makes and that I point are ones that you would expect from a defensively weak, one way D-man, which is what Kaberle is and if thats how you are judging him then they aren't that bad. However people on here (and the Leaf fans on this site are still the ONLY ones I've ever talked to who think hes more then a #4 guy) call him a #1 defenseman and he does things that #1 D-men just don't do (like get pushed of puck, break down under som phyiscal pressure, take physical assements he can't forfill, give up on the puck, make low % passes across his own zone etc.....). For a #4 offensive D-man those mistakes aren't anything special but for a #1 they are HUGE mistakes that shouldn't happen, and since people on here insist on calling him a #1 guy he should be jumped all over for those mistakes that a #1 guy shouldn't be making.

So why would Calgary trade their best player and captain for a defensively weak #4 defenseman and a good, (not great) prospect? It just makes your proposal look even worse.

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