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04-17-2013, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Djp View Post
I know if Buffalo was in that 6-9 range they would not trade their pick if Lindholm/Barkov/Nichushkin was available in their spot. If those people were gone when they picked they would consider moving down.

Detroit would really need to shoot for #5. That is going to be very difficult.

The team they need to target is a team who is looking to win now so they do not want to have to wait 2+ yrs for this pick to become a player on their team.

Another factor is based on draft scenarios...if the team picking isnt looking for Center or Defense they may be more inclined to move down and pick a winger. Outised of Drouin their isnt any other winger lited in the top 10, but more listed in 11-20.

they would rather get pieces who could play now, but they wont be hurt by picking 13-16. 13-16 player could be just as good as a player drafted 7-10.
There is Shinkaruk but if he gets taking in the top 5 it's a bit of an off the wall pick, though not a reach imo everyone in the top 7 or 8 has traits that would have them in the top 5 in any other year.

I'm not really a fan of trading up if it involves Smith because of the hole it opens up now and it's filling a need we may or may not have in 4/5 years. There's too much risk for my liking but others may feel differently about it.

You'd have to have a team that's picking in the top 5/6 that wants a dman but doesn't like Nurse & doesn't like any of the forwards available at that spot, they also would have to believe in Smith reaching his upside. They might feel that they can get one of their guys at 18th overall & pick up Smith, so in their minds that trade is > then their original pick.

It won't happen but it's fun to speculate non the less. I actually think that depending on who they picked both fanbases would be equal mad at their Gms.

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