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Originally Posted by Litework View Post
Cherry-picking at its finest. You just named 4 teams that havent the Cup and said "Hey look how many times they had home ice and they still didnt win the Cup!!!". Here is some numbers to consider.

Since the current playoff format was introduced in the 1993-94:
-12 of the 18 Cup winners (67%) won their division
-16 of the 18 Cup winners (89%) finished 4th or higher in their conference

Still think home ice isnt that important?
All right, well since my numbers might not relate to present day, and go back to a time when there were great disparities in payroll and skill on teams, let's toss them out.

In today's league, since the lockout and introduction of the cap:

Teams with home ice have won playoff series 57% of the time. Not a very big difference.

8 division winners have made the cup finals vs. 6 non division winners. That's a difference of a single team. This is not significant, especially considering there are 6 division winners now.

7 cup finals have taken place. 4 of those were won by the team with home ice advantage, 3 of them were won by underdogs. Only 2 out of the last 14 cup finals teams were tops in their conference.

So, in the present state of hockey, I absolutely do not think winning the division or getting home ice is all that important.

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