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04-17-2013, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by sommervr View Post
I like this guy but he is going to have a hard time making the team next year. I think the following are locks:


And everyone else fighting for the last spot
Fraser and Franson played so well I can't see any motivation to break them up, much less drop either. Gunnar may be at risk to losing his job to Ranger in next season's training camp, but I don't see the club dropping him before giving him that chance to hold his spot. The same with Liles. Unless Gardiner cranks it up for the rest of the season he definitely isn't a lock to be on the big club next fall. They are going to be heavily biased to at least start
the year with the lineup that got them into the playoffs.

Not certain Rielly is there either. He is playing well in the AHL but not dominating (yet). He is still Junior eligible and they aren't needy enough to want to burn a year of his entry level contract if he isn't filling a need. He can force the issue if he is unbelievable in camp, but that's a big if.

Not sure if your proposed lineup could ever happen for them. Look at all the size they added this year. They would have to give that winning formula up which seems pretty unlikely on a Carlyle club.

I think Gardiner would have to make the club at the expense of Liles. But of all the players in the organization he might be the most tradable over the summer. He is marketable, didn't contribute to the turnaround this year, they have a veteran PMD in place already, and two excellent prospects behind him in Rielly and Finn who are both physically stronger than him.

There could be big changes on the D next year but they haven't been very daring with the moves, even after BB left. Ranger probably in is the only thing I expect which drops IMO Gunnar to the second pair. I am
not sure Gards can bump Liles off the team and if Rielly has leapfrogged him in the minds of Nonis and co he could be moved. If he does push out Liles I think they wait until a ways into the season and then deal Liles.

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