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04-17-2013, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Mozesmadness View Post
Can I pose a 3 part question to Sens fans.

1- Is Greenig what I think he is, a big, gritty 2-way winger who never takes a shift of, throws his weight around, and chips in offence here and there?

2- What's Zach Smiths game like? Similar to Greenings?

3- What would it take to pull in the 2 of them, with Hemmer going to Ottawa still.
1 - Not really "gritty". He does throw his weight around, he does have the ability to be a very solid offensive contributor but whether he can do that consistently remains to be seen. He has been very hot and cold throughout his career but he's never really a 'bad' player.

2 - Smith is a lot grittier and a lot more valuable offensively. Pretty much better in every single way except he can go invisible for slightly longer, he can take dumb penalties (less and less so over time, though) and he makes a few more costly mistakes. Still easily a better player with more upside.

3 - I doubt Smith is available, especially if Greening gets dealt. I would not trade him for MPS. Nothing on the Oilers that particularily interests me, unless we make a great run this year, in which case I would take Horcoff + Hemsky for Smith and Greening if the Oilers retained at least 3mil in salary.

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