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04-18-2013, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by jml87 View Post
The thing about both those moves is that they worked out. Sure you can say Lidge declined but he had a perfect season and Blanton was practically undefeated after the trade. He got two guys who looked bad and they came over here and did amazing. He must have seen something in those guys and it paid off. Bourn is good but I do that trade every single day of the week. Lidge's injuries really hurt him in the end, but that perfect season was awesome.

And while most of the young guys were up in the majors by that point, the Phillies still had talent. There's no way they would've been able to trade for Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay without some good looking prospects. Alot didn't pan out but at the end of 2008, the Phillies were a top ten team in high ceiling young talent in the minors based on Baseball Prospectus prospect rankings. They didn't have any guys ready to jump into the majors immediately but they did have a lot of talent in the lower levels especially which is perfect for a already young 2008 majors team.

But anyway, a lot of this is just the past. My problem is right now both Amaro and Charlie are not right for the team now. That's what's frustrating me the most. A lot of leeway is given based on past achievements and we already wasted a year because of this.
My point is just basically that both guys have made moves that worked and moves that didn't. Playoff success isn't the way to judge a GM. It's too much of a crapshoot.

And I don't disagree that Amaro has weakened the farm with his moves, but Gillick was doing the same thing, to an extent. The way we view Gillick's tenure versus the GMs that preceded and followed him will always be affected by the WS. Is that fair? I would say yes and no, but mostly no.

Anyway, I would probably have to agree that Charlie and Ruben aren't the right fits right now. In fact, I'm not sure Ruben is a fit for any organization that's living in this century. Has it really been 28 innings since we've walked? That's a complete joke. And it's largely Amaro's fault.

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