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04-17-2013, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by PlayTheTrap View Post
Ive played against the kid line plenty of times.

RNH gets murdered, injury rate of over 60%
Hall is hard to hit but cant really take a hit, injury rate of about 30%
Eberle is the toughest, injury rate of under 20%

And Ive taken down all versions of Hall, even the 93 one.
Missed this one before now!

That's crazy, now I haven't been playing for that long (mid Feb), and I haven't played that many games online compared to the computer, cause I'm a puck *****, but...

I have lost a total of 0 time to injuries for Regular RNH, Regular Taylor Hall, Regular Jordan Eberle, TOTW RNH and SOTY Hall. Absolute 0. I get drilled all the time with Taylor Hall, too. I have a belief that my players perform best if I play a style with them similar to their real style, and with the guys I have, it tends to be quite true. Except Gretzky, I use him like a power forward...

I wish we could play so I could find out if they'd get hurt or not.

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